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How to order

Welcome to PrintMyTrip. The page below will guide you through the experience of creating your very own map of your travels.

When you click on the “Order your Map” tab you will begin the process.

Step 1

Select which PrintMyTrip base map you’d like to use. You can check out the entire catalogue of Basemaps in the “Map Gallery”.

You have the option of choosing the scale of your map. Either the Region, Country or State level.

Step 2

Select the style of map you’d like to use. There are a few different options for each map, so it’s your personal choice.

You can also choose the size of the map print you’d like to receive. All maps are printed on photographic high gloss paper. We recommend A1 size (Approx. 594mm x 841mm), but it’s your map so it’s your choice. There is no price difference for changing size.

Step 3

Select how many routes you’d like to show on the map. The base maps start from $100 showing a single route, and you can add as many routes as you’d like for $20 per additional route. If you select multiple routes, please let us know what you’d like them called on the legend in the comments box provided.

Select how you would like to send us your travel route. There are 5 different options so don’t worry if you are not “tech savvy”, there’s an option designed for you.

Option 1 – I have Google Earth files showing our trip (kmz/kml file)

If you’ve done a lot of travelling on the road, then you can use Google Earth to recreate your trip by entering each destination town. PrintMyTrip has created a simple 2 min video of how to do this. Trust us, it’s easy! Google has removed this option from Google earth. When are in the process of establishing why and if it will come back up, but in the mean time, we suggest using one of the options below.

Option 2 – I have a GPS file

A lot of travellers these days use an in-car GPS to guide them. That’s great, as a majority of GPS units will create a tracklog of where you’ve been. As there are numerous different units and even more models of those units, we can’t give you exact advice on how to download your tracklogs. But a simple search on the web should give you the results. We require you to upload a “.gpx” or a “.plt” file if you would like to use this option. The “.gpx” file is a universal GPS file that most units can convert too. This option is perfect if you’ve done a lot of off road track driving.

Option 3 – I’ve already drawn my trip on a scanned copy

Not everyone is great with computers, so we’ve designed some simple maps you can download, and draw your route/s on. You can either scan and upload it, or simply post it to us. There’s even an option for that! PrintMyTrip base maps can be viewed and downloaded from our base maps page.

Option 4 – I travelled from town to town and can enter each town name

So Google earth is not for you? No worries, simply enter each town in the order you travelled in the box that pops up. Please place a comma and space between each town name. We’ll draw your route for you.

Option 5 – I have a hard copy that I will mail to you

Did you take a map on holidays and hand draw your route while you went? Or maybe you hand drew your epic travels from the 70’s a couple of years ago. Post that to us and we can capture the route. We’ll send the map back when we post your final print. Please register all packages before sending. Alternatively there are many large format scanners that will scan your map and give you a digital file for under $5.

Select if you would like to show your flight (if you took one). All flights are shown as a dashed line on the map. We just need to know the start and end airport for each leg.

Step 4

Select your favourite photos you would like on your map.

For our 2 and 3 photo map options, you can choose which photo you would like to go where.

For our photo border maps, Portrait maps are design to show 26 landscape style photos while our Landscape maps are design to show 24 landscape style photos. You are more than welcome to show as many portrait style photos as you like. 2 Portrait photos are equal to 1 landscape photo, so you can show 23 landscape and 2 portrait photos, or 22 landscape and 4 portrait photos and so on. You can of course also show all portrait photos too. It’s your choice!

Step 5

Enter your title of the map. Maybe ‘Allan & Judy’s Australian Adventure’ or ‘John & Sue’s Outback Treks’. It’s your choice!

Finally, let us know if you’d like your map laminated or mounted (10mm foam mount).

And that’s it, fill in your details, and we do the rest. Within 10 working days you’ll receive a proof of your map. If everything looks the way you ordered, give us the ok, we’ll print it off and post it to you.

If you have any worries during the process please let us know.